August 2006

When I first started to play Dead Rising, I thought the save system was crap. I read numerous horror stories before I bought the game and decided I’ll give it a chance anyways because, let’s face it, cutting a zombie in half with a katana blade is fun. To my surprise, I have come to love the save system. For those who have the game, imagine if you could save anywhere at anytime. Can you imagine how much easier the game would be? Or even worse, how boring it would become? There were many moments where I wish I could save before I went into a big battle and in some instances you can. But for the most part you have to play on your toes, make smart decisions, and plan your time wisely.

The game is split up into Cases which are given a specific time period. Now in order to beat the game, you don’t have to do all of the cases if you don’t want to. I like this because it gives you the feeling of freedom in the game; you choose what you do and don’t do. I think, if you were given the ability to save when and where you wanted, the game would be missing that sense of urgency and danger.

While at work, I was reading this interesting article over at where the writer said, “Save mechanisms are key to the emotional stakes in a game.” I agree with this and if Dead Rising had the “save anywhere and everywhere” option, the emotion of this game would have went right out the window.

Just imagine how frustrated you would be if developers decided to go back to the old Nintendo days and we had no save whatsoever. I refuse to go back to the days where I had to keep my Nintendo on while I was at school, only to come home to find that my mom disconnected the power from it while she was vacuuming. Man, I really hated that because this is the reason why I never beat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Yesterday Microsoft released XNA Game Studio Express, which allows anyone who wants to make a video game the opportunity to do so.

XNA Game Studio Express is a new offering, targeted at students and hobbyists for game development. XNA Game Studio Express is based on Visual C# Express 2005 and lets developers target both Windows and Xbox 360. –XNA FAQ

This first release is still a beta version, but allows full functionality for creating Windows based content at no cost to the developer. Those wishing to create games for the Xbox 360 will have to pay an annual subscription of $99 to become a member of the XNA Creator’s Club. Currently the beta version of XNA Game Studio does not permit commercial development of Xbox games. Those wishing to make money off their 360 games will have to wait for the full professional release, due out in early 2007.

Personally, I think this is awesome. Obviously the main draw of this package is the ability to make Xbox 360 games. For the first time anyone will be able to create content for a gaming console. Ok, ok, not anyone. Making a game that is both engaging and fun as well as stable, is no small task. This won’t be for everyone, and if you think you can just sit in your moldy basement and single-handedly pump out a game, you’re nuts. However this does allow small “mom and pop” developers to actually compete with the big boys. Hopefully this will produce some fun and, more importantly, new game ideas.

If I ever get my life organized and have some free time, I would love to contribute to the development of an Xbox 360 title. I am sure you will soon see development communities popping up all over the Internet. Now to just learn C#….

After being released in North America on August 8th, Dead Rising has already sold 500,000 copies in two weeks! Who knew slicing zombies in half would be so much fun. While Bully gets put under the microscope for how “violent” it is, Dead Rising soars to the top without parents or politicians even noticing it. Why is that you ask? I don’t know, maybe because from here on out everything Rockstar does will be under the microscope. But that’s a whole different story to get into and I’m here to talk about Dead Rising.

I’ve been playing this game off and on since it was released and finally beat it last night; so I thought. There are five different endings to the game, you can use almost any item as a weapon, and there are 50 achievements giving players the ability to play the game how they want to play it. People have whined and moaned about the decision to have only one save slot, but I personally think that this adds to the sense of urgency and chaos in the game. If you die, you can either choose to start over with your new abilities or continue where you last saved. There were plenty of times I contemplated starting over but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

All in all, this game is awesome and I recommend that anyone with a Xbox 360 to go pick up a copy.

Before the 360 was even released, I heard about this game called Crackdown. I read up on it a little and was instantly drawn in. Basically take Grand Theft Auto, add in a Superman-like character, and let the fun begin. This article at IGN is brief, but you can get a feel for what kind of mayhem this game will bring to your 360. Cars morph into super-vehicles depending on how far along your character is, you can use almost any item in the environment as a weapon (including cars), and you can jump over buildings. Yes you read correctly: Jump over buildings! Since EA dropped the ball hardcore with the new Superman game, I guess I’ll have to get my superhuman power fix from this game. Yes there will be a lot of GTA clones, including Saints Row which in my opinion blows, but this one seems add a twist to the GTA formula. Here are a few screen-shots to gaze at:

Yes, I know the official name of Nintendo’s new gaming system is the Wii, but I still kind of refuse to call it that for personal reason we won’t get into right now. Anyways, this is my top 5 reasons why I am buying a Revolution whenever Nintendo decides to release it upon the masses. And don’t get it twisted, and by twisted I mean the wrong idea: I am not a fanboy. I love all gaming systems equally. So, let’s just jump in the list:

5. When was the last time Nintendo has put something out that sucked?
With the exception of that micro GBA they put out not to long ago, Nintendo is on top of their game. I own both the Nintendo DS Lite and the Sony PSP and I play my DS way more than I’ll ever play my PSP. Nintendo just knows how to have fun, simple as that. Hell, even the Virtual Boy was awesome to me even if America didn’t agree with me. If Nintendo wants me to wear a helmet and tell me to wave a piece of bread around to enhance my gaming experience, so be it; does it have to be wheat or white?

4. The Wii-Mote looks like fun!
Imagine a controller, a game, and a system that uses your moves and translates them into on screen actions. How can this not be fun? Just give me a game where I have a sword and I’m cutting stuff up with my own actions and I’m sold. I don’t care what it is either: hot dogs, watermelons, bananas and I’m all set. Plus I can also use the controller with a gun holster and use an old school controller for it? Sign me up.

3. Metroid Prime 3
Some people are fond of Zelda and some of Mario. My reason for buying any Nintendo system is Metroid. I’ve played and beat every Metriod game to date except Hunters for the DS….but I’m currently knocking this out too. Samus is probably the only female character….I’ll leave it at that because half of you didn’t even know she was a female. Unless you beat the game in less then 3 hours but that’s a whole different post. But yeah, Metriod Prime 3 Corruption. I can’t wait and I’m definitely getting this game as soon as it comes out.

2. I can get a brand new game system for under $250!
We have no clue how much the Revolution is going to cost but we do know that it’s going to be under $250. Some even speculate that the price could be around $170. I have already went on record by saying that I would gladly pay $400 dollars for this machine. The fact that it’s way less than this price point excites me and drives me to buy one no matter what. I also want to own ever game but that probably won’t happen.

1. I want everything!
Yep, it’s as simple as that. I want the PS3 as well but I’m not a millionaire yet. Once that happens, I’ll have one of those too. Since the Revolution looks like more fun and is a lot cheaper, then that’s the one I’m getting this shopping season. I advise everyone to do the same.

Yeah, so I finally have something worth posting. Found this other guys blog about weird technology and gadgets. Some are completely useless, but are still freakin’ awesome.

When this alarm clock goes off, the puzzle pieces pop out. The only way to turn the alarm off is to put them back together. Genius.

And this shoe, well, I wouldn’t wear it…. but I bet Jermaine would.

Woo! First post! This will get deleted after we get the ball rolling……..


Thanks Frank….