Yes, I know the official name of Nintendo’s new gaming system is the Wii, but I still kind of refuse to call it that for personal reason we won’t get into right now. Anyways, this is my top 5 reasons why I am buying a Revolution whenever Nintendo decides to release it upon the masses. And don’t get it twisted, and by twisted I mean the wrong idea: I am not a fanboy. I love all gaming systems equally. So, let’s just jump in the list:

5. When was the last time Nintendo has put something out that sucked?
With the exception of that micro GBA they put out not to long ago, Nintendo is on top of their game. I own both the Nintendo DS Lite and the Sony PSP and I play my DS way more than I’ll ever play my PSP. Nintendo just knows how to have fun, simple as that. Hell, even the Virtual Boy was awesome to me even if America didn’t agree with me. If Nintendo wants me to wear a helmet and tell me to wave a piece of bread around to enhance my gaming experience, so be it; does it have to be wheat or white?

4. The Wii-Mote looks like fun!
Imagine a controller, a game, and a system that uses your moves and translates them into on screen actions. How can this not be fun? Just give me a game where I have a sword and I’m cutting stuff up with my own actions and I’m sold. I don’t care what it is either: hot dogs, watermelons, bananas and I’m all set. Plus I can also use the controller with a gun holster and use an old school controller for it? Sign me up.

3. Metroid Prime 3
Some people are fond of Zelda and some of Mario. My reason for buying any Nintendo system is Metroid. I’ve played and beat every Metriod game to date except Hunters for the DS….but I’m currently knocking this out too. Samus is probably the only female character….I’ll leave it at that because half of you didn’t even know she was a female. Unless you beat the game in less then 3 hours but that’s a whole different post. But yeah, Metriod Prime 3 Corruption. I can’t wait and I’m definitely getting this game as soon as it comes out.

2. I can get a brand new game system for under $250!
We have no clue how much the Revolution is going to cost but we do know that it’s going to be under $250. Some even speculate that the price could be around $170. I have already went on record by saying that I would gladly pay $400 dollars for this machine. The fact that it’s way less than this price point excites me and drives me to buy one no matter what. I also want to own ever game but that probably won’t happen.

1. I want everything!
Yep, it’s as simple as that. I want the PS3 as well but I’m not a millionaire yet. Once that happens, I’ll have one of those too. Since the Revolution looks like more fun and is a lot cheaper, then that’s the one I’m getting this shopping season. I advise everyone to do the same.