Before the 360 was even released, I heard about this game called Crackdown. I read up on it a little and was instantly drawn in. Basically take Grand Theft Auto, add in a Superman-like character, and let the fun begin. This article at IGN is brief, but you can get a feel for what kind of mayhem this game will bring to your 360. Cars morph into super-vehicles depending on how far along your character is, you can use almost any item in the environment as a weapon (including cars), and you can jump over buildings. Yes you read correctly: Jump over buildings! Since EA dropped the ball hardcore with the new Superman game, I guess I’ll have to get my superhuman power fix from this game. Yes there will be a lot of GTA clones, including Saints Row which in my opinion blows, but this one seems add a twist to the GTA formula. Here are a few screen-shots to gaze at: