When I first started to play Dead Rising, I thought the save system was crap. I read numerous horror stories before I bought the game and decided I’ll give it a chance anyways because, let’s face it, cutting a zombie in half with a katana blade is fun. To my surprise, I have come to love the save system. For those who have the game, imagine if you could save anywhere at anytime. Can you imagine how much easier the game would be? Or even worse, how boring it would become? There were many moments where I wish I could save before I went into a big battle and in some instances you can. But for the most part you have to play on your toes, make smart decisions, and plan your time wisely.

The game is split up into Cases which are given a specific time period. Now in order to beat the game, you don’t have to do all of the cases if you don’t want to. I like this because it gives you the feeling of freedom in the game; you choose what you do and don’t do. I think, if you were given the ability to save when and where you wanted, the game would be missing that sense of urgency and danger.

While at work, I was reading this interesting article over at Wired.com where the writer said, “Save mechanisms are key to the emotional stakes in a game.” I agree with this and if Dead Rising had the “save anywhere and everywhere” option, the emotion of this game would have went right out the window.

Just imagine how frustrated you would be if developers decided to go back to the old Nintendo days and we had no save whatsoever. I refuse to go back to the days where I had to keep my Nintendo on while I was at school, only to come home to find that my mom disconnected the power from it while she was vacuuming. Man, I really hated that because this is the reason why I never beat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.