September 2006

Google released this image in the spirit of “Talk Like a Pirate Day” last Tuesday (sept. 19).



It’s official, today Nintendo finally announced the release date and price of its’ new Wii Console. The Wii is set for a North American release date of November 19th with a price tag of $250.

So what do you get for $250? A good amount of stuff actually, much more than I was expecting.

  • Wii Console
  • Wii Remote
  • Nunchuck Attachment
  • AC Adapter
  • Audio/Video Cable
  • Sensor Bar
  • Sensor Bar Stand
  • Wii Console Stand
  • Two Batteries
  • Wii Sports Game

The Wii Sports title is what catches my eye. From videos shown online it looks pretty sweet. The game allow players to engage in matches of tennis, baseball, golf, bowling and boxing, all of which fully support the Wii’s motion-sensing controller. It is not clear about their scope or size, but the fact that it comes bundled with multiple games (even if they are small) is a huge selling point. Your in-game character seams to be your avatar, which is a 3 dimensional character you can build and customize yourself.

Nintendo is also expecting to have more than 25 unique titles for the Wii by the end of the year. First Party games will retail for $50 and Virtual Console game will cost between $5 and $10. A nice round number of 30 Virtual Console titles will be available at launch. Again, initial impressions are pretty impressive if you ask me. Definitely a huge contrast to Sony’s PS3, scheduled to be released just 2 days before the Wii.

The Console provides several “channels” that allow users to access free news and local weather forecasts, view digital pictures from an SD memory card, an Internet browser and a whole lot more. The Photo Channel lets users make photo albums and slide shows as well as manipulate their images. The Internet Channel also looks very cool. However the Opera Browser will cost a few bucks to download. As long as this is just a one time fee, I can see a lot of people taking advantage of this. (update: Nintendo has announced it will be free until June of 2007)

Anyone even remotely interested in getting a Nintendo Wii should check out this video. It is the official Wii Preview and showcases many of the launch titles and features. I wonder if the white shirt, pants and shoes come standard? šŸ˜†

So it’s no secret I am looking forward to the Nintendo Wii. I am pretty surprised in myself actual referring to it as the Wii. I guess typing it isn’t so bad. Still there are a few little things to nit pick just for the hell of it. One thing I noticed was the price of Zelda: Twilight Princess is supposed to be $57, which doesn’t fit with the $50 mark they announced. But hey, I’ll still be getting it. And what happened to the colors? I want a black one, but lately they are all white. The original campaign showed multiple colors. Oh well.

So what games are you all looking forward to? I am, of course, always in the mood for Mario or Zelda. Sticking with the classics, I am also very interested in Metroid (although I havn’t played a Metroid game in 10 years).

I will come up with a nice little top ten list sometime closer to the launch. But I would like to know what everyone else thinks so let us know!

Nintendo Wii Official Site
IGN – US Wii Price, Launch Date Revealed
USA Today – Wii game system rolls out on Nov. 19

AssholeUsually I’m a nice, easy going type of guy. But when I read things like this it pisses me off. Let me let you into this rageĀ I have for this guy.

So apprently this weak-minded 27 year old tool by the name of Tyrone Spellman killed his 17-month old daughter over a video game! This little bitch of a man, punched his little daughter twice in the face and then slungĀ  her over a chair because pulled the cords on his console, causing it to fall to the ground. Are you as pissed as I am? Screw sending this asshole to jail, every other day let someone from the community or the family take a bat to his face for the rest of his life.

I have no tolerance for a man hitting a female and the fact that he punched his own daughter in the face over a damn video game system just makes me furious. May you burn in hell Tyrone and I hope the in-mates of the jail you get sent to find out why you were sent there in the first place. You’ll be lucky if you last a week.

Every system has a game that makes you want to buy that system, even if it’s just for one game. For me Nintendo has Samus, Xbox has Master Chief, and PlayStation has Solid Snake. I have played every Metriod game to date, every Halo to date, and I plan on playing every Metal Gear Solid to date. Metal Gear Solid 4 looks amazing, you can’t deny that. But is $600 worth one game? Of course not and unless I win the lottery, I will not be getting a PS3 anytime soon. Don’t get it twisted though, I will own a PlayStation 3 one sweet day. I don’t care if the system has been out for 10 years and PlayStation 5 is already out, I will own a PS3 just so I can play this game.

A lot of gamers hate how MGS is so story driven and at times you feel like you are watching a movie rather than playing a game. I love that about this game, I love to be drawn into the experience Hideo Kojima has provided for me. I’m a huge fan of the series and one day I will be able to experience MGS4 first hand. Until then, I’ll have to watch trailers and other people play the game. Check out the beauty that is Metal Gear Solid 4.

Wasn’t planning on getting a PS3 anyway. Just too expensive and I’m too poor. Not going to get into a whole editorial about the PS3 just yet. From what I gather this video is old, but it’s new too me :mrgreen:. Just watch and laugh.

The video may take a second to load.

Steve Irwin died last night (11am in Australia).
AP Report | ABC Article | The Australian Article

On an ocean dive off the coast of northeastern Australia, nature finally caught up with the 44-year-old.

While filming a new documentary, the Animal Planet star was stung in the heart by a stingray’s sharp, toxin-filled barbs.