AssholeUsually I’m a nice, easy going type of guy. But when I read things like this it pisses me off. Let me let you into this rage I have for this guy.

So apprently this weak-minded 27 year old tool by the name of Tyrone Spellman killed his 17-month old daughter over a video game! This little bitch of a man, punched his little daughter twice in the face and then slung  her over a chair because pulled the cords on his console, causing it to fall to the ground. Are you as pissed as I am? Screw sending this asshole to jail, every other day let someone from the community or the family take a bat to his face for the rest of his life.

I have no tolerance for a man hitting a female and the fact that he punched his own daughter in the face over a damn video game system just makes me furious. May you burn in hell Tyrone and I hope the in-mates of the jail you get sent to find out why you were sent there in the first place. You’ll be lucky if you last a week.