My long job search is finally over! Last Friday I received a call from EA Tiburon, offering me a position. These last few months of job hunting have been incredibly frustrating. Constant replies of “Your work is great, I’ll keep you in mind down the road…”, really start to get to you. All that is over now and I am pretty excited about my new career. I can’t wait to start making games! I don’t know much info right now, but so far everything seems great. Also, the benefits are awesome, I get a number of free and discounted games every year plus $100 off any gaming console I want (I’ll take one Wii for $150 please). I start next Monday and early reports have me working with the Wii team. Not exactly sure what games I will be working on but I’m guessing it will be Madden/NCAA for the Wii. Any way it works out, it is still a very exciting time in my life. :mrgreen: