Sorry for the delay in posting some new material but Nate and I had to…well you know…work. But new stuff will be coming shortly including a unboxing of the Wii (when it comes out) and possibly a video review of Double Agent for the 360.

As a child growing up in the 80’s/90’s, the teenage mutant ninja turtles became a huge part of my Saturday morning rituals right along with a big bowl of Captain Crunch. I was lucky enough to have a NES while growing up and then Ultra Games decided to release a child’s dream: TMNT for the NES. Wow did this game suck! It was the hardest game ever and I have yet to meet someone who has beat this game! Hell, I even rented the game genie and still couldn’t beat it. Here’s a video by a somewhat famous guy by the name of Angry Nintendo Nerd. He’s pretty funny and I totally related with the video below. Enjoy. (Beware the vulgar language. NSFW….unless you have headphones.)