Saturday, November 25th, 2006

img_0140.JPGEveryone buying a Wii this holiday season will receive a free packed in game by the name of Wii Sports. Wii Sports is a title with five mini games including baseball, boxing, tennis, golfing, and bowling. Wii Sports also takes advantage of the Mii characters you create by importing them into the game.
I was one of the few lucky enough to get their Wii early on launch day and up until Thanksgiving Day, I really didn’t play Wii Sports at all. The first time I really got into it was with my family and let me tell you, this game is great with friends and family members to play with. We went through all the games, even Wii Golf, but the one we enjoyed the most was Wii Bowling. The first couple of games were awkward because we were all trying to get use to the controls of the game, but once we picked that up it was smooth sailing from there. My family ended up playing bowling for 4 hours that night! The next day when we were just sitting around watching TV, my Dad picked up the Wii-mote, turned on the console and began to whoop some butt in Wii Boxing. I was happy to see my family enjoying the Wii and it made the purchase of one even more awarding. I’m pretty sure that I can persuade my parents into getting one this Christmas for themselves.


In my eyes, by yourself, Wii Sports is a mediocre game at best. But when you get your friends and family members around playing together, it turns the console into a very emerging and interactive form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by not only hardcore gamers but also casual gamers alike. In other words, GET A Wii!


The title says everything. Just press play and enjoy!