December 2006

Do you remember SlamBall? I know I do! Trampolines, jumping above the rim, slamming all over someone Vince Carter style? It was amazing and then it just fell off the face of the planet!  I want it back and I want it back now!!


Quick Recap:

  • 360 dies 12/12/2006
  • I send in dead 360
  • They received dead 360
  • I receive 360 on the Friday before Christmas
  • I play 360 for 10 minutes on the day after Christmas
  • 12/26/2006 is the day the 360 dies after 10 minutes of play!


I didn’t think it could be done, I thought it was impossible, but alas the impossible has become possible. I’ve never ever EVER beat the 1st Ninja Turtles game made for the original NES back in the and I never believed anyone when they said they did. The game is insanely possible and I will never play it again.

That being said, while wondering around YouTube I found this amazing video. What is the video you ask? Well my friends, it’s a video of someone destroying the 1st Ninja Turtle game. Not only does this person beat the game, HE BEATS IT IN UNDER 22 MINUTES!!! Yes, I was as shocked as you may be. I sat and watched the entire video on Christmas afternoon. Watch the video and be amazed. Guy or Gal, whoever you are in this video doing the impossible, you have my undying respect. YOU ROCK!

Until the beta of the Opera Browser for the Wii comes out, I have to find something to get excited for right? I’m on the verge of beating Zelda, I’m burnt out on creating Miis, I can’t watch DVDs, and I can only do so many picture puzzle games. Apparently when I get home from work tonight, I will be greeted with a lovely message on my Wii from Nintendo stating that I can now update my Wii to have the Forecast Channel to play with. From what I can see in the video, there’s enough here to keep me entertained for at least a few weeks. (Or at least until the browser is released December 22nd.) Watch the video and see tell us what you think. More impression of the new feature in the future.

[UPDATE: Ok so the fun of the Forecast channel only lasted me 15 minutes. 8 of those minutes was me in the shower, but hey at least it’s free right?]


I keep reading these stories about people breaking their TV’s, punching their significant love ones in the face, or even chattering light fixtures all because of the Nintendo Wii. Are you serious? Are these people just attaching their Wii-motes to their wrist, then proceeding to swing their arms violently as if to say, “Hey! Look at me! I’m a monkey, I’m a monkey!”? How insane do you have to be to break the strap on your Wii-mote?

The fact that Nintendo had to actually go to the public and tell everyone to calm down is just mind-boggling to me. The fact that there’s this website is even more bizarre! I for one will not be getting my strap recalled because it’s never going to break; I hope otherwise I’ll look like an idiot. So to everyone who has damaged their face or electrical appliance with their Wii-mote I have two words for you, CALM DOWN. Games are to be a release from your stressed filled lives, not an excuse to put a hole in your wall or to take a trip to the hospital!

Last Note: ID Ten-T: Write down each letter except use ten numerically instead of with letters. I have had to explain this too many times at work and this is the last.


error screen


[UPDATE: As of December 12th, 2006, my 360 has been sent back to Microsoft for “repair”. Let’s see how long it takes to get back in my hands.]

I received my pre-ordered Xbox 360 December 7th, 2005 and I haven’t had problem with it at all. I use to brag about how I got a launch system and that it hasn’t given me one problem yet. Sadly karma punched me in the chest December 6th, 2006 because I got the deadly RING OF DEATH on my console last night. Well it was more like 1/4th the Ring of Death, but it was death for the box nonetheless.


Yes ladies and gentlemen, last night on Monday Night Football the first commercial for Halo 3 aired. I didn’t get to see it on tv but I knew it would be on YouTube and of course I was correct. It’s only a minute long but it’s awesome. I never been pumped for a game so far in advance in a long time. This is why I bought a Xbox 360. Granted I’ve gotten some awesome games thus far but it all leads up to this game….Halo 3. Enjoy the commercial. Click more to proceed to that which is awesome.