error screen


[UPDATE: As of December 12th, 2006, my 360 has been sent back to Microsoft for “repair”. Let’s see how long it takes to get back in my hands.]

I received my pre-ordered Xbox 360 December 7th, 2005 and I haven’t had problem with it at all. I use to brag about how I got a launch system and that it hasn’t given me one problem yet. Sadly karma punched me in the chest December 6th, 2006 because I got the deadly RING OF DEATH on my console last night. Well it was more like 1/4th the Ring of Death, but it was death for the box nonetheless.

So I proceeded to call Customer Support and that was fun in its own right! The first guy went through the normal “What’s wrong with your system”, “unplug everything and plug it back in”, “Make sure your systems in an open space so it can ‘breath’ ” hoopla. I know all of this and I’ve been doing it since I received the screen of death but went through the motions so that he would feel good about the ‘awesome’ job he was doing. He then goes on to tell me that I still have 23 days left on my warranty! How awesome is that? Very awesome because I’m currently poor.

After taking my address and phone number, he sent me over to hardware to talk to Pierre. Pierre was hilarious. Not hilarious like everything he said was funny, but hilarious in the sense that he was trying to relate with me on everything…EVERYTHING I said. I told I him that I was attempting to play Gears of War; he talks about how it likes the bow. He doesn’t know the name of the Torque Bow, but likes the bow. That wouldn’t have been so bad if he didn’t to swear to investing 25 hours into the game. So I asked him if he liked the Banana of Dawn, he says yes he likes the “Banana” of Dawn. Moving on, I told him I have Dead Rising; he can’t stop talking about how much he loves the game. And this goes one for 20 minutes (which was 19 minutes too long). Granted, he might have been genuine but I’m sure they have List of ever game on it with at least three sentences of each game so the operator can ‘bond’ with the caller. JUST GIVE ME MY XBOX!!

So while I was on the phone I turned my Wii on because I was starting to zone out. He heard noise and got excited:

“Oh is your 360 working now?”

“No dude that’s my Wii, that actually works right now.”

So then he proceeded to talk about how he wants one, asking me if it’s a cool system, blah blah blah…JUST GIVE ME MY XBOX!!

To bring it all to an end, they are sending me a box in 3-5 days to put my 360 in and I don’t have to pay anything to get a new Xbox 360. Yeah me!