Quick Recap:

  • 360 dies 12/12/2006
  • I send in dead 360
  • They received dead 360
  • I receive 360 on the Friday before Christmas
  • I play 360 for 10 minutes on the day after Christmas
  • 12/26/2006 is the day the 360 dies after 10 minutes of play!

I kid you not. So once again I have to go through the hoopla with the outstanding (sarcasm) customer support team that Microsoft has put together to help all of us less fortunate individuals who bought into the hype around the Xbox 360 console. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Xbox and I still think it’s the best console in the new era of consoles; except they are not built to last. How many times has Microsoft issued extensions to everyone’s system? How many people are on there 4th or 5th system repair? This is BS and they either need to re-make the 360 or just send me my $400 back!

The rep that helped me this time acted like she was doing me a favor by repairing my system for free and not making me pay for shipping. ARE YOU SERIOUS? It’s not my fault that the company you work for can’t make a system that has a life span of 1 year or less. And on top of all that, I CAN’T PLAY MY GAMES FOR ANOTHER 2 WEEKS!! I’m glad I have a Wii because it’s going to be seeing a lot of love this month. Would I recommended someone buying a 360 at this point and time? Yes but with some serious warning and caution attached to that recommendation. Halo 3, Crackdown, BioShock, Mass Effect, and other exclusive titles are not worth the crap or headaches someone has to put up with to own the system they are running on. Maybe Halo 3 is, but I’m pissed right now so I’m not even going to make that argument.

So now that I have free time to play my Wii, what should my next game be? I’ve already beat Zelda and Wii Sports gets old without the family to play it with. Any suggestions?