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I’m an avid Digg user and I go there daily for my news. Today, May 1st, has been the weirdest day on Digg. Everyone is posting this secret HD-DVD code that allows you to strip off the DRM and watch them on your Linux box. It’s comes up for submissions and also randomly throughout every story as a comment. When a submission containing the”secret code” gets to the front page, it is immediately taken down.

Yes I know what the code is but I’m way to lazy to rip a HD-DVD just to watch it on a Linux box that I don’t have. I have nothing against pirates but I rather buy my movies from Best Buy because I like to have a physical media in my hands to collect. Music? Well that’s an entirely different story for a different time. I’m sure that if you really wanted the code, you would be able to find it. When will the industry learn that you can’t stop a committed community when it comes to DRM. Only time will tell.



I can’t believe the insanity that a maintenance gone too long has caused. People are literally going nuts without there Xbox Live fix. If you didn’t know Live is, or was by the time you read this, down for schedule maintenance. While visiting a forum I go to regularly, I noticed that most of the stories on the front page of the 360 forum are Xbox Live related. Everything from I love or hate Major Nelson (who has nothing to do with the keeping Live running) to we should sue Microsoft. If you really need that 30 cent back that was lost from the 60 bucks you spend a year on your subscription to Live then I’ll setup a PayPal account for you.

People are even speculating¬† different reasons for this “maintenance”,¬† saying that it is a cover to get the Halo 3 beta up and running…which would be awesome. But seriously who cares. I think around 10 tonight Major Nelson is going to let loose the secret that he works for Sony and he is the one who shut down Live. I mean seriously people, get a grip of your emotions. It’ll be up when it’s up. Then we can all go back to listen to that whinny 10 year old about how we are hogging the shotgun in Halo 2. Or even better, yelling at his mom to get him some chocolate milk.

The title says everything. Just press play and enjoy!

Sorry for the delay in posting some new material but Nate and I had to…well you know…work. But new stuff will be coming shortly including a unboxing of the Wii (when it comes out) and possibly a video review of Double Agent for the 360.

As a child growing up in the 80’s/90’s, the teenage mutant ninja turtles became a huge part of my Saturday morning rituals right along with a big bowl of Captain Crunch. I was lucky enough to have a NES while growing up and then Ultra Games decided to release a child’s dream: TMNT for the NES. Wow did this game suck! It was the hardest game ever and I have yet to meet someone who has beat this game! Hell, I even rented the game genie and still couldn’t beat it. Here’s a video by a somewhat famous guy by the name of Angry Nintendo Nerd. He’s pretty funny and I totally related with the video below. Enjoy. (Beware the vulgar language. NSFW….unless you have headphones.)

Google released this image in the spirit of “Talk Like a Pirate Day” last Tuesday (sept. 19).


Wasn’t planning on getting a PS3 anyway. Just too expensive and I’m too poor. Not going to get into a whole editorial about the PS3 just yet. From what I gather this video is old, but it’s new too me :mrgreen:. Just watch and laugh.

The video may take a second to load.