We are gone

There comes a time in one’s life where they must move on to bigger, better things. You can’t stay in you’re old ways, you must move on to new, more exciting things. Like, I don’t know, having your own domain? Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen. As of today, this site will no longer be used by the likes of Nate and I, we have spawned our own domain: www.lawnofthemonth.com. Don’t forget to update your RSS Reader. You know there’s some old person group out there wishing they would have jumped on that domain before we did. Oh well, slow people end last.


I didn’t think it could be done, I thought it was impossible, but alas the impossible has become possible. I’ve never ever EVER beat the 1st Ninja Turtles game made for the original NES back in the and I never believed anyone when they said they did. The game is insanely possible and I will never play it again.

That being said, while wondering around YouTube I found this amazing video. What is the video you ask? Well my friends, it’s a video of someone destroying the 1st Ninja Turtle game. Not only does this person beat the game, HE BEATS IT IN UNDER 22 MINUTES!!! Yes, I was as shocked as you may be. I sat and watched the entire video on Christmas afternoon. Watch the video and be amazed. Guy or Gal, whoever you are in this video doing the impossible, you have my undying respect. YOU ROCK!

The title says everything. Just press play and enjoy!