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I’m an avid Digg user and I go there daily for my news. Today, May 1st, has been the weirdest day on Digg. Everyone is posting this secret HD-DVD code that allows you to strip off the DRM and watch them on your Linux box. It’s comes up for submissions and also randomly throughout every story as a comment. When a submission containing the”secret code” gets to the front page, it is immediately taken down.

Yes I know what the code is but I’m way to lazy to rip a HD-DVD just to watch it on a Linux box that I don’t have. I have nothing against pirates but I rather buy my movies from Best Buy because I like to have a physical media in my hands to collect. Music? Well that’s an entirely different story for a different time. I’m sure that if you really wanted the code, you would be able to find it. When will the industry learn that you can’t stop a committed community when it comes to DRM. Only time will tell.



Achievement points: some people hate them, some people find them pointless, and people like me love them. I use to be that guy who played a game once, beat it, and proceed to turn it into GameStop for store credit. Ever since I’ve purchased my Xbox 360 back in December of 2005, I have not once turned in any title for the console and I don’t plan on doing so.


Quick Recap:

  • 360 dies 12/12/2006
  • I send in dead 360
  • They received dead 360
  • I receive 360 on the Friday before Christmas
  • I play 360 for 10 minutes on the day after Christmas
  • 12/26/2006 is the day the 360 dies after 10 minutes of play!


error screen


[UPDATE: As of December 12th, 2006, my 360 has been sent back to Microsoft for “repair”. Let’s see how long it takes to get back in my hands.]

I received my pre-ordered Xbox 360 December 7th, 2005 and I haven’t had problem with it at all. I use to brag about how I got a launch system and that it hasn’t given me one problem yet. Sadly karma punched me in the chest December 6th, 2006 because I got the deadly RING OF DEATH on my console last night. Well it was more like 1/4th the Ring of Death, but it was death for the box nonetheless.


Yes ladies and gentlemen, last night on Monday Night Football the first commercial for Halo 3 aired. I didn’t get to see it on tv but I knew it would be on YouTube and of course I was correct. It’s only a minute long but it’s awesome. I never been pumped for a game so far in advance in a long time. This is why I bought a Xbox 360. Granted I’ve gotten some awesome games thus far but it all leads up to this game….Halo 3. Enjoy the commercial. Click more to proceed to that which is awesome.

img_0140.JPGEveryone buying a Wii this holiday season will receive a free packed in game by the name of Wii Sports. Wii Sports is a title with five mini games including baseball, boxing, tennis, golfing, and bowling. Wii Sports also takes advantage of the Mii characters you create by importing them into the game.
I was one of the few lucky enough to get their Wii early on launch day and up until Thanksgiving Day, I really didn’t play Wii Sports at all. The first time I really got into it was with my family and let me tell you, this game is great with friends and family members to play with. We went through all the games, even Wii Golf, but the one we enjoyed the most was Wii Bowling. The first couple of games were awkward because we were all trying to get use to the controls of the game, but once we picked that up it was smooth sailing from there. My family ended up playing bowling for 4 hours that night! The next day when we were just sitting around watching TV, my Dad picked up the Wii-mote, turned on the console and began to whoop some butt in Wii Boxing. I was happy to see my family enjoying the Wii and it made the purchase of one even more awarding. I’m pretty sure that I can persuade my parents into getting one this Christmas for themselves.


In my eyes, by yourself, Wii Sports is a mediocre game at best. But when you get your friends and family members around playing together, it turns the console into a very emerging and interactive form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by not only hardcore gamers but also casual gamers alike. In other words, GET A Wii!

MiiA reader and designer over at Joystiq has made the Mii Channel of the Wii in flash! Now you have the ability to make your own Mii character before the Wii comes out November 19th, 2006. You won’t be able to do anything with the character but it does let you play around with the options to see what you might look like come the 19th of November. You can play with the Mii creator here. It looks nothing like me but I wanted to have an afro!

Try and create someone famous and post the link in the comment section.

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